My mission is to inspire.
Inspire everyone, women especially.

To help women create their own happiness & solitude, even in the darkest of times- when life knocks them down. To take time for themselves, feel beautiful, dress up and most importantly- to help them never give up hope and never give up on their dreams. If I have inspired just one person, if I have helped change just one persons life- then I have truly succeeded in my mission as a business owner.

Who could have imagined 7 years ago, by all accounts, I truly thought my life was over?

Who could have imagined, at just 26, my first child was born with a life threatening genetic disorder?

All my life, I have had a plan.

I worked hard, got good grades, went to college, and followed the right path...

So things like this aren't suppose to happen to people with a plan, right?

Who could have imagined, at 26, I would be unable to go back to work, standing by my baby's side every second, with no income and no ideas on what to do next.

I surely couldn't have imagined it.

When I opened my Boutique doors in April of 2013, I had a vision. I knew in my heart my Boutique wasn't going to be a place where I sold clothes & jewelry. I wanted to create a place of inspiration, hope, and risk taking not just on a fashion level but on personal level as well.

Seven years ago my life was turned upside down when my son Layne was born. My dream of happiness & having a perfect baby was shattered. Life literally knocked me off my feet and truthfully there were moments when life didn't seem worth living.

Somehow I was able to push through the pain and take my worst nightmare and turn it into something beautiful.

From there Linsey Layne was created.